Welcome to the future home of www.MatchOfficials.com

This site is currently under development, and will be available for the start of the UK 2010/11 season (July/August 2010)

This site will offer the following functionality:
  • Allow League appointment secretaries to request available referees (and assistants) for their matches.
  • Referee's receive emails requesting their services, confirmation of which will then be communicated back to the requestor.
  • All Referees are able to maintain details of their availability for appointments
  • The system will allow post match reporting from Referees to League secretarys (we intend to discuss with the FA the facility to manage disciplinary reporting)
  • Allow Leagues to maintain fixtures (League tables could be an extra service offered in the future) especially if team managers are encouraged to use the site to report their results.
  • Leagues will also be able to maintain details of match locations, venue contact details, match fees and competition rules
  • 24/7 availability allowing management when it suits the user.
  • Plus many more facilities which will be added over time (Referee Assessors and reports...)

To register your interest in this new system, please send an email in the first instance to info@matchofficials.com